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Weekly In-town Recycling Route Schedule Information

Street Names T-Z

C= Town of Carrboro
CH= Town of Chapel Hill
H= Town of Hillsborough
MHP= Mobile Home Parks
MFU= Multi-family unit recycling. Blue carts are available to residents at all times at designated recycling sites.

MON Tabscott Ln   CH
MON Tadley Dr   CH
FRI Tallyho Trl   C
MON Tamalpais Pt   CH
THU Tanglewood Ln   C
WED Talondale Ct   H
MON Taylor St   CH
FRI Teagan Ct   C
THU Teal St off Culbreth near Smith Level Rd C
MON Telluride Trl   CH
TUE Tenney Cir   CH
WED Terrell Rd   H
THU Tharrington Dr   CH
WED The Glen special collection CH
FRI The Hollow   C
FRI Thetford Ct   CH
FRI Thomas Ln   C
WED Thomas Ruffin St   H
TUE Thornwood Rd   CH
MON Tilghman Cir   CH
MON Timberlyne Ct   CH
TUE Tinkerbell Rd   CH
WED Torain St   H
TUE Torrey Pines Pl   CH
MON Totten Pl   CH
FRI Towne Ridge Ln   C
MON Toynbee Pl   CH
FRI Tramore Dr   C
TUE Treetop Pl   CH
MON Tremont Cir   CH
FRI Tripp Farm Rd   C
TUE Tryon Ct   CH
WED E Tryon St   H
WED W Tryon St   H
FRI Tuckers Pond Rd   C
WED Tuliptree Rd   H
MON Tupelo Ln   CH
TUE Turnberry Ln   CH
WED Turner St   H
MFU Site Turvey Ct Multi-family service; no curbside CH
FRI Turtleback Crossing Dr   C
TUE Tweed Pl   CH
WED Twisted Ct   H
MON Ukiah Ln   CH
WED Umstead Dr   CH
WED E Union St   H
WED W Union St   H
THU W University Dr   CH
THU Unwin Pl   CH
WED Uphill Ct   H
THU Us 15-501 S West side of US 15-501 between two entrances of Southern Village CH
WED Us 70A East inside city limits only H
THU Valentine Ln   CH
WED Valley Forge Rd   H
TUE Valley Park Dr   CH
THU Van Doren Pl   CH
THU Vance St   CH
MON Velma Rd   CH
MON Vernon Hills Ct   CH
MFU Site Viburnum Way Pacifica; Multi-family service; no curbside C
WED Village Gate Dr   CH
MON Village Ln   CH
MON Vintage Dr   CH
MON Virginia Dr   CH
WED Waddell St place recycle carts on west side of street for collection H
WED N Wake St   H
WED S Wake St   H
THU Walden Dr located off of Hwy 54 C
TUE Walnut St   CH
THU Wannamaker Pl   C
WED Ward St   CH
WED Warner Ln place recycle carts on west side of street for collection H
TUE Waterford Pl   CH
FRI Waterside Dr   C
FRI Watters Rd   C
FRI Waverly Forest Ln   C
MON Wayfarer Ct   CH
THU Weatherhill Pt   C
FRI Weathervane Dr   C
MON Weaver Dairy Rd MHP on Weaver Dairy is a TUESDAY collection CH
TUE Weaver Mine Trl (Meadowmont) some homes may receive collection on Archer or Spaight Alley or back alley CH
TUE Weaver Rd   CH
FRI W Weaver St   C
FRI Webb Dr   C
WED Webb St place recycle carts on South side of street for collection H
THU Weeping Cherry Ct   CH
WED Weiner St   CH
MON Wellington Dr   CH
MON Wells Ct   CH
THU Wentworth St   CH
WED Wesley Ct   CH
WED Wesley Dr   CH
THU Wesley St   C
WED N West Hill Ave inside city limits only H
WED S West Hill Ave inside city limits only H
THU Westbrook Dr   C
THU Westbury Ct   CH
THU Westbury Dr   CH
MON Westchester Pl   CH
WED Westdale Ct   H
THU Westgreen Dr   CH
MON Westminster Dr   CH
MON Westover Ct place carts on Old Oxford Rd East CH
THU Westside Dr Southern Village - all homes with back alley will get serviced in alley CH
FRI Westview Dr   C
THU Westwood Dr   CH
THU Weyer Dr   CH
MON Weymouth Pl   CH
MON Whisper Ln   CH
FRI Whispering Oak Ct   C
TUE Whistling Tree Ct   CH
WED Whitaker St   CH
TUE White Oak Dr   CH
TUE White Plains Rd   CH
THU Whitehead Cir   CH
THU Whitehead Rd   CH
TUE Whitley Dr   CH
FRI Whitmore Cir   C
TUE Wicklow Pl   CH
TUE Wild Iris Ln   CH
FRI Wild Oak Ln   C
WED Wildaro Ct   H
MON Wilder Pl   CH
TUE Wildwood Dr   CH
FRI William White Ct   C
WED Williams Cir   CH
FRI Williams St   C
TUE Willow Dr   CH
TUE Willow Dr Willow Terrace Condos - BLUE BINS FOR COLLECTION - NO CARTS CH
THU Willow Oak Ln   C
WED Willowbrook Pl   H
THU Wilson Creek Rd   CH
THU Wilson St   CH
MON Windhover Pl   CH
MON Windhover Dr   CH
MON Windhover Pl   CH
WED Winding Creek Ln recycle carts on Village Dr CH
THU Windorah Pl   CH
MON Windsor Cir   CH
MON Windsor Pl   CH
FRI E Winmore Ave   C
FRI W Winmore Ave   C
FRI Winsome Ln   C
FRI Winston Pl   CH
THU Winston Ridge Dr   CH
THU Winter Dr   CH
MON Wood Cir   CH
THU Woodbine Dr   CH
WED Woodbury Dr   H
MON Woodhaven Rd   CH
THU Woodland Ave   CH
FRI Woodleaf Dr   CH
MON Woodmark Ct   CH
FRI Woods Walk Ct   C
MON Woodshire Ln   CH
MON Worsham Dr   CH
FRI Wrenn Pl   C
FRI Wyndham Dr   C
WED Wyrick St   CH
MON Wysteria Way   CH
THU Yates Motor Company Aly   CH
FRI Yeargen Pl   C
TUE York Pl   CH
MON Yukon Ln   CH