Financing & Budgeting

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Budgets and Finance for Solid Waste

The landfill fund has remained an enterprise fund since 1972, and as such, is not part of the County's General Fund. There are now four divisions in the Orange County Solid Waste Management Department, as shown in the pie graph below.  The Recycling Division has evolved into the largest division, both operationally and fiscally, since closure of the solid waste landfill in 2013. Its operations include all of the recycling programs and those programs at the landfill related to recycling, such as managing scrap metal, clean wood, white goods, tires and vegetative wastes. The Landfill Division manages the construction and demolition waste landfill and some environmental monitoring functions related to the operating and closed landfills. The Sanitation Division is responsible for all five County Convenience Centers and waste collection from County schools and County government buildings, along with other miscellaneous waste collection activities as needed by the County. The Environmental Support Division manages all administrative tasks, education and outreach, enforcement, equipment maintenance, planning, and related divisional support activities to the other three divisions.  

expenditure graph

The newly implemented Solid Waste Program Fee provides 57% of Departmental capital and operating revenues with the Solid Waste Reserves (11%) and the County’s General Fund (15%) providing another 26%.  A combination of construction landfill tipping fees, solid waste permitting fees, recycling and mulch sales, state grants, interest income and other diverse smaller sources provide the remainder (see graph below). A mix of stable, long-term predictable funding sources enables effective program planning and implementation, as well as, continuing current operations and long-term environmental protection through proper landfill maintenance and monitoring.