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Weekly In-town Recycling Route Schedule Information

Street Names F-J


C= Town of Carrboro

CH= Town of Chapel Hill

H= Town of Hillsborough

MFU= Multi-family unit recycling. Blue carts are available to residents at all times at designated recycling sites.


FRI Fairfield Ct   C
WED Fairy Moss Ln   H
TUE Faison Rd   CH
TUE Falkner Dr   CH
THU Fan Branch Ln   CH
WED Faribault Ln   H
FRI Farm House Dr   C
MON Farrington Dr   CH
WED Faucette Mill Rd inside city limits only H
THU Fern Ln   CH
TUE Ferrell Rd   CH
FRI Fidelity St   C
FRI N Fields Cir   C
FRI S Fields Cir   C
TUE Fireside Dr   CH
TUE Flemington Rd   CH
MON Forbush Mountain Dr   CH
FRI Forest Ct Forest Creek Townhouse - BLUE BINS FOR COLLECTION - NO CARTS C
MON Forest Hill Rd   CH
WED Forrest St   H
TUE Forsyth Dr   CH
TUE Forsythia Ct   CH
TUE Fountain Ridge Rd   CH
WED Foust St   H
WED Fowler St   C
MON Foxwood Dr   CH
TUE Frances St   CH
TUE E Franklin St downtown to Estes Dr CH
MON E Franklin St Estes Dr to US 15-501 CH
WED Freeland Dr   H
MFU Site Friar Ln Multi-family service; no curbside C
TUE Friar Ln off Little John Rd CH
THU Friday Ln special collection CH
TUE Friendly Ln   CH
FRI Gail Ct   C
TUE Galway Dr   CH
FRI Garden Gate Dr   C
TUE Garden St   CH
THU Gardner Cir   CH
TUE Garrison Aly   CH
FRI Gary Rd   C
THU Gateridge Pl   C
TUE Gimghoul Rd   CH
THU Glade St   CH
WED Glandon Dr   CH
THU Glass House Ln recycle on Daffodil Ln C
TUE Glenburnie St   CH
TUE Glendale Dr   CH
THU Glenhaven Dr   CH
TUE Glenhill Ln   CH
MON Glenmore Rd   CH
MON Glenview Pl   CH
TUE Glenwood Dr   CH
FRI Glosson Cir   C
FRI Gloucester Ct   C
FRI Goldston Dr   C
WED Gomains Ave   CH
THU Gooseneck Rd   CH
FRI Gracewood Pl   C
WED N Graham St   CH
WED S Graham St   CH
MON Grainger Ln service at the intersection of Grainger Ln & Dixie Dr CH
THU Grant St   CH
MON Granville Rd   CH
THU Graylyn Dr   CH
TUE Great Oaks Pl   CH
WED Greene St   CH
MON Green Willow Ct   CH
FRI N Greensboro St   C
THU S Greensboro St   C
THU Greenview Dr   CH
TUE Greenwood Rd   CH
TUE Grove St   CH
MON Gunston Ct place carts on Old Oxford Rd East CH
TUE Gurnsey Trl   CH
THU Guthrie Ave off of Brewer Ln behind concrete plant C
TUE Half Moon Pt   CH
MON Halifax Rd   CH
TUE Hamilton Rd   CH
FRI Hampshire Pl   CH
MON Hampton Ct   CH
FRI Hanford Rd   C
TUE Hanft Knl   CH
WED Hanna St   C
FRI Hanover Pl   CH
THU Hanser Ct   CH
FRI Hardwick Pl   CH
WED Hardwood Dr   H
THU Hargraves St   C
WED Harper Rd   H
THU Harrington Pt   CH
MON Harrison Ct   CH
WED Hartig St   CH
FRI Harvest Ct   C
WED N Hassell St   H
WED S Hassell St   H
FRI N Hawick Ct   C
FRI S Hawick Ct   C
MON Hawksbill Pl   CH
THU Hawthorne Ln   CH
TUE Hayes Rd   CH
WED Hayes St   H
THU Hayworth Dr   CH
FRI Hazelnut Ct   CH
FRI Hearthstone Ln   CH
TUE Heather Ct   CH
TUE Hebrides Dr   CH
TUE Helmsdale Dr   CH
TUE Hemlock Dr   CH
TUE Henderson St   CH
TUE Hickory Dr   CH
WED High Ct   H
FRI High School Rd only 1509 and 1615 are serviced C
FRI High St   C
THU Highgrove Dr   CH
MON Highland Dr   CH
THU Highland Woods Rd   CH
THU Highstream Pl   CH
TUE Highview Dr   CH
TUE Hill St   CH
WED Hill St   C
WED Hill St   H
FRI Hillcrest Ave   C
TUE Hillcrest Cir   CH
TUE Hillcrest Rd   CH
FRI Hillsborough Rd   C
WED N Hillsborough Ave recycle carts on King St. H
WED S Hillsborough Ave   H
TUE Hillsborough St   CH
THU Hillspring Ln   CH
THU Hilltop St   CH
TUE Hillview Rd   CH
FRI Hillview St   C
FRI Hogan Glen Ct   C
FRI Hogan Ridge Ct   C
FRI Hogan Woods Cir   C
TUE Holloway Ln   CH
TUE Holly Ln   CH
WED Holt St place recycle carts on West side of street H
WED Homemont Ave   H
FRI Homestead Rd all properties in the towns of Chapel Hill or Carrboro city limits C & CH
MON Honeysuckle Ct   CH
MON Honeysuckle Rd   CH
WED Hooper Ct   H
TUE Hooper Ln   CH
TUE Hoot Owl Ln   CH
TUE Hotelling Ct   CH
FRI N Hound Ct   C
FRI S Hound Ct   C
TUE Houston Rd   CH
TUE Howell Ln   CH
THU Howell St   CH
FRI Hunter Pl   C
MON Huntington Dr   CH
FRI Huntsman Ct   C
WED Huddle St.   H
TUE Huse St   CH
TUE Indian Springs Rd   CH
MON Indian Trl Rd   CH
WED Ingram Ct   H
FRI Inverness Way   C
THU Iris Ln   CH
TUE Iron Mountain Rd   CH
FRI Ironwoods Dr   CH
FRI Ironwoods Pl   CH
WED Isley St   CH
THU Ivy Brook Ln   CH
TUE Jackie Robinson St   CH
FRI James St   C
WED Jamie Ct   H
FRI Jasmine Ct   C
MFU Site Jay St no curbside collection - Multi-family service in carts at top of hill CH
MON Jean Ct   CH
FRI Jewell Dr   C
FRI John Martin Ct   C
THU Johnson St   CH
THU Jolyn Pl   CH
WED Jones Ave   H
FRI Jones Creek Pl   C
THU Jones Ferry Rd   C
TUE Jones St   CH
MON Juliette Ct   CH
THU Juniper Ct   C
WED Justice St   CH
MON Justin Pl   CH