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Weekly In-town Recycling Route Schedule Information

Street Names A-E

C= Town of Carrboro

CH= Town of Chapel Hill

H= Town of Hillsborough

MFU= Multi-family unit recycling. Blue carts are available to residents at all times at designated recycling sites.


MFU Site Abbey Ln multifamily service - no curbside C
FRI Aberdeen Ct   C
THU Aberdeen Dr   CH
THU Adams Way   CH
TUE Adelaide Walters St   CH
MON Adrians Pl   CH
FRI Alabama Ave   C
TUE Alba Ln   CH
TUE Alder Pl   CH
MON Aldridge Trl   CH
MON Allard Rd   CH
WED Allen Ruffin Ave   H
WED Allison St   H
WED Alma Ave   H
MON Alta Ct   CH
FRI Amber Ct   C
MON Amesbury Dr   CH
WED Amity Ct   CH
WED Andrews Ln   CH
TUE Angier Dr   CH
FRI Anglese Ct   CH
MON Apple St   CH
FRI Arbor Creek Ct   C
MON Arcadia Ln   CH
TUE Archer Aly   CH
THU Arlen Park Dr   CH
MON Arlington St   CH
TUE Arrowhead Rd   CH
THU Ashe Pl   CH
FRI Ashe St   C
WED Ashe St carts Picked up on Riley Ave H
MON Aster Pl   CH
FRI Atterbury St   C
TUE Audley Ln   CH
MON Audubon Rd   CH
WED Aurora Rd.   H
FRI Autumn Dr   C
MON Avalon Ct   CH
FRI Avas Loop   C
WED B St   C
FRI Balmoral Pl   C
MON Balsam Ct   CH
TUE Banbury Ln carts for Units #1-17; MFU site for #19-27 CH
MON Barbara Ct   CH
TUE Barbee Chapel Rd   CH
TUE W Barbee Chapel Rd Meadowmont CH
WED Barclay Rd   CH
FRI Barington Hills Rd   C
THU Barnes St   C
WED Barracks Rd   H
MON Barton Ln   CH
THU Bartram Dr   CH
TUE Baskerville Cir   CH
THU Basnight Ln   CH
WED Basnight Ln 100 Block    
MON Basswood Ct   CH
TUE Battle Ln   CH
WED Baycourt Trl   H
FRI Bay View Dr   C
WED Becketts Ridge Dr   H
MON Beech Tree Ct   CH
MFU Site Beechwood Dr Multi-family service; no curbside C
FRI Bel Arbor Ln   C
FRI Bellamy Ln   C
WED N Bellvue Ave   H
WED S Bellvue Ave   H
TUE Belmont St   CH
WED Benton St   H
MON Beringer Pl   CH
TUE Berkley Rd   CH
THU Berryhill Dr   C
FRI Bert St   C
MON Big Meadows Pl   CH
FRI Bim St   C
TUE Birch Cir   CH
FRI Birchcrest Pl   CH
THU Bixley Dr   CH
MON Black Cherry Ln   CH
TUE Black Oak Pl   CH
MON Black Tie Ln   CH
FRI Blackwood Dr   C
FRI Blocker Rd   C
MON Blue Granite Ct   CH
TUE Bluefield Rd   CH
FRI Blueridge Rd   C
WED Bolin Creek Rd   C
FRI Bolin Forest Dr   C
WED Bolin Heights   CH
TUE Bolinwood Dr   CH
FRI Bolton Pl   CH
WED Bonaparte Dr   H
MON Bonsail Pl   CH
MON Booker Creek Rd   CH
WED Botan Way   H
THU Botanical Way   CH
MON Boulder Ln   CH
WED Boundary St   H
TUE N Boundary St   CH
TUE S Boundary St   CH
WED Bowling Creek Rd special collection CH
TUE Boxwood Pl   CH
WED Boyd St carts should be placed on Main St C
THU Bpw Club Rd   C
FRI Brace Ln   C
TUE Bradford Pl   CH
WED Bradley Rd   CH
WED Branch St   CH
TUE Brandon Rd   CH
THU Brannon Ct   CH
THU Braswell Ct   CH
THU Braswell Pl   CH
THU Braswell Rd   CH
TUE Breckenridge Pl   CH
FRI Brendan Ct   C
WED Brewer Ln   C
THU Briarbridge Ln   CH
THU Briarbridge Valley Rd   CH
WED Brick Hearth Dr   H
MON Bridle Run   CH
TUE Brigham Ct   CH
TUE Brigham Rd   CH
MON Bright Sun Pl   CH
FRI Brighton Ct   CH
THU Bristol Dr   CH
WED Broad St   C
THU Brookgreen Dr   CH
WED Brooks St   CH
THU Brookside Dr   CH
MON Brookstone Ct   CH
MON Brookview Dr   CH
WED Brownville Ave   H
FRI Brunswick Ct   CH
FRI Bruton Dr   C
FRI Buck Taylor Trl   C
FRI Buckeye Ln   C
TUE Buckner Ln   CH
MON Buena Vista Way   CH
FRI Bugle Ct   C
MON Burlage Cir   CH
FRI Burlwood Pl   CH
TUE Burning Tree Dr   CH
FRI Burns Pl   C
WED Burnside Dr recycle on S Cameron St H
WED Burris Pl   CH
MON Butterfield Ct   CH
MON Butternut Dr   CH
THU Buttons Rd   CH
MON Buxton Ct   CH
WED Bynum St   CH
TUE Bypass Ln   CH
MON Cabernet Dr   CH
WED Caine St   H
MON Caitlin Ct   CH
THU Calderon Dr   CH
WED Caldwell St   CH
MON Callard Run   CH
TUE Callista Ct   CH
FRI Calumet Ct   C
WED Calvin St   H
FRI Camden Ln   C
FRI S Camellia St   C
THU W Cameron Ave   CH
THU Cameron Ct   CH
WED Cameron Glen Dr   CH
WED N Cameron St   H
MON Camille Ct   CH
TUE Campbell Ln   CH
TUE Candlelight Ct   CH
TUE Canterbury Ln   CH
FRI Canton Ct   C
FRI Cardiff Pl   CH
WED Cardinal Dr   H
FRI Carol St   C
WED Carolina Ave special collection CH
WED Carr St   CH
THU E Carr St   C
THU W Carr St   C
MON Carriage Cir   CH
TUE Carver St   CH
MON Caswell Rd   CH
WED Cates Ct   H
WED Cates Creek Pkwy   H
FRI Cates Farm Rd   C
MON Catesby Ln   CH
FRI Cathy Rd   C
MON Cedar Falls Rd   CH
MON Cedar Fork Trl   CH
WED Cedar Grove Rd   H
MON Cedar Hills Cir   CH
MON Cedar Hills Dr   CH
MFU Site Cedar Meadows Ln Multi-family service; The Cedars; no curbside CH
TUE Cedar St   CH
WED Cedar St   H
MFU Site Cedarwood Ln Multi-family service; no curbside C
FRI Celtic Cir   CH
FRI Center St   C
WED Center St   H
WED Central Ave   H
WED Chandler Ct   H
THU Channing Ln   CH
WED Chapel St   CH
TUE Charlesberry Cir   CH
TUE Charlesberry Ln   CH
TUE Charleston Ln   CH
THU Chase Ave   CH
THU Chase Park Rd   CH
MON Chateau Pl   CH
TUE Chatham Ln   CH
MFU Site Chaucer Ct Multi-family service; no curbside C
FRI Cheek St   C
MON Cherokee Cir   CH
FRI Chesapeake Way   CH
WED Cheshire Dr   H
MON Chesley Ct   CH
MON Chesley Ln   CH
FRI Cheswick Ct   C
WED Childsberg Way   H
MON Chipoaks Dr   CH
MON Christine Ct   CH
THU Christopher Rd section south of Raleigh Rd CH
TUE Christopher Rd   CH
WED Church St   CH
TUE Churchill Dr   CH
WED N Churton St   H
MFU Site Circadian Way Multi-family service; no curbside C
TUE Cirle Park Pl   CH
FRI Claremont Dr   C
MON Claris Ct   CH
WED Clark Ct   CH
TUE Clark Lake Rd   CH
WED Clarkson Ridge Ln   H
FRI Claymore Rd   C
MON Clayton Rd   CH
WED Claytor Dr   H
TUE Cleland Dr   CH
WED Cleo Ct   H
TUE Clover Dr   CH
WED Cobb St   C
WED Cobb Ter special collection CH
THU Cobble Ridge Dr   CH
FRI Cobblestone Dr   C
THU Coker Dr   CH
THU Coker Ln   CH
THU Colburn Pt Southbridge CH
THU Cole St   CH
MFU Site Coleridge Ct Multi-family service; no curbside C
WED Coley Cir   H
FRI Colfax Dr   C
WED Collins Ave   H
MON Collinson Dr   CH
MON Collums Rd   CH
THU Colony Ct   CH
TUE Colony Woods Dr   CH
FRI Colson St   C
TUE E Columbia Pl   CH
TUE W Columbia Pl   CH
WED Columbia Place Dr   CH
WED N Columbia St   CH
THU S Columbia St   CH
WED Combs Cir   H
FRI Commons Way Dr   C
MON Concordia Ct   CH
WED Constitution Way   H
THU Coolidge St   CH
TUE Cooper Glen Pl recycle on Cooper St CH
TUE Cooper St   CH
THU Copperline Dr Southern Village - curbside 400 block, odd #'s only CH
THU Copperline Dr Southern Village - back alley service, all but 400 block odd #'s CH
MON Corbin Hill Cir   CH
WED E Corbin St   H
WED W Corbin St   H
WED Cornelius St   H
TUE Cottage Ln   CH
WED Cotton St   CH
MON Cottonwood Ct   CH
MON Couch Rd   CH
THU Country Club Rd   CH
MON Country Rd   CH
WED County Seat Dr   H
WED Court St   H
MON Covington Dr   CH
MON N Crabtree Knl   CH
MON S Crabtree Knl   CH
WED Craig St   CH
MON Crane Meadow Pl   CH
MON Creekside Ln   CH
FRI Creekview Cir   C
THU Creel St   CH
WED Crest Dr   CH
FRI Crest St   C
TUE Crickett Ground   CH
MON Critz Dr   CH
THU Crofton Springs Pl   CH
MON Croom Ct   CH
MON Cross Creek Dr   CH
MON Crow Hollow recycle on Piney Mountain Rd CH
MON Crowther Ct   CH
THU Culbreth Cir   CH
THU Culbreth Park Dr   CH
THU Culbreth Pl   CH
THU Culbreth Rd   C & CH
MON Cumberland Rd   CH
MON Curtis Rd   CH
MON Cynthia Dr   CH
TUE Cypress Rd   CH
FRI Dairy Ct   C
FRI Dairy Glen Rd   C
MON Daley Rd   CH
WED Dalton St   H
WED Dana Ct   H
WED Daphine Dr   H
FRI Daphne Ct   C
MON Darlin Cir   CH
FRI Dartmouth Ct   CH
TUE Davie Cir   CH
TUE Davie Ln special collection CH
FRI Davie Rd   C
THU Dawes St   CH
THU Dawson Aly off of Mallette St CH
THU Dawson Pl off of Rosemary St CH
WED Daye St   H
MFU Site Deepwood Rd Multi-family service; no curbside; Franklin Hills Townhomes CH
FRI Deer St   C
TUE Deerwood Ct   CH
FRI Della St   C
TUE Deming Rd   CH
MON Derby Ln   CH
TUE Dickerson Ct   CH
FRI Dillard St   C
WED Dimmocks Mill Rd inside city limits only H
WED Dixie Ave   H
MON Dixie Dr   CH
MON Dixie Ln   CH
MON Dobbins Dr   CH
THU Dogwood Dr   CH
WED Dogwood Bloom Ln   H
TUE Donegal Dr   CH
THU Dorset Pt   CH
TUE Douglas Rd   CH
FRI Dove St   C
FRI Downing Ct   C
FRI Drayton Ct   C
TUE Driskel Ct   CH
MON Duncan Ct   CH
TUE Dundalk Dr   CH
WED Durham St   H
WED East Dr   H
THU Eastgreen Dr   CH
FRI Eastridge Pl   CH
MON Eastwood Lake Rd   CH
WED Eastwood Rd   CH
TUE Eden Ln   CH
FRI Edgehill Pl   CH
THU Edgewater Cir Southern Village - even 900's are multi-family, rest curbside CH
TUE Edwards Dr (Alley)   CH
THU Edwards St   CH
TUE Elderberry Dr   CH
WED Elfin Blvd   H
WED Elizabeth Brady Rd   H
TUE Elizabeth St   CH
MON Ellen Pl   CH
MON N Elliott Rd   CH
FRI Ellsworth Pl   C
WED Ellsworth Manor Dr   H
FRI Elm St   C
FRI Emerywood Pl   CH
MON Emily Rd   CH
TUE Emory Dr   CH
WED Empress Rd   H
MON Englewood Dr   CH
WED Eno St   H
TUE Ephesus Church Rd   CH
MON Erwin Rd inside city limits only CH
TUE Essex Ln off of Little John Rd CH
FRI Estes Dr Ext   C
MON Estes Dr   CH
WED Eugene St   C
FRI Evans Ct   C
FRI Everam Ct   CH
TUE Evergreen Ln   CH
WED Exchange Park Ln   H