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Volunteer and Donor Opportunities

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The Department of Social Services has a variety of volunteer and donor opportunities available.  Please call the numbers listed to inquire about any of the opportunities listed below.  Monetary donations are accepted year round and are tax deductible.  Certain items may be considered for donation, but due to limited space, many items are not.

Foster Parenting

Foster Parenting volunteers provide a safe, loving, temporary home to an Orange County child whose family is experiencing crisis.  Training is mandatory and is provided.  If you are interested in helping foster children, but are unable to provide a temporary home, please consider making a tax deductible donation.

If interested, please call (919) 968-2000.

Holiday Program

The Holiday Program provides food, gifts, and other resources to needy Orange County families during the holiday season.  Donations are accepted year round. 

If interested, please call (919) 245-2800.

Adolescent Parenting Program

The Adolescent Parenting Program helps teen parents obtain high school degrees and avoid a second pregnancy.  Volunteers are needed to mentor young men and women.

If interested, please call (919) 245-2800.

Summer Camp Program

The Summer Camp Program provides resources to enable local children to attend summer camp who otherwise would be unable to afford it.  Donations are accepted year round.

If interested, please call (919) 245-2800.


Friends of the Department of Social Services provides support to the staff of the Orange County Department of Social Services and the families that they work with.  Friends was organized to fill the gaps that may exist among neighbors in need, neighbors that might be able to meet some of those needs, and the Department of Social Services whose function it is to coordinate and facilitate the best possible allocation of Orange County resources in this area.  Friends assists with financial emergencies for Social Service's families, including rental deposits, utility bills, school supplies, and clothing for small children.  Friends also assists staff in obtaining material resources such as furniture and appliances for clients unable to afford them.  Finally, Friends recruits volunteers to help with transportation, clerical duties, and meeting other requests from the Department of Social Services.  More information on FRIENDS can be found here.

If interested, please contact Pat Garavaglia at (919) 967-3433.

Heusner Fund

The Heusner Fund allows Orange County children in Foster Care to pay for and attend college or university.  Money from the fund may help pay tuition costs or be used for books and other school-related materials.  Donations to the fund are tax deductible and can be made at any time.

Checks can be mailed to the Orange County Department of Social Services.

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