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Special Needs Registry/Shelters

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The Special Needs Registry is a database containing information about individuals in Orange County with special needs who may require assistance in the event of a disaster.  If there is a disaster, those on the registry will be called and given information about how to prepare for or respond to the disaster, given information regarding facilities or shelters, and to check on their well-being.  The information may also be used to assist emergency personnel and volunteers in providing assistance.  Participation in the Special Needs registry is voluntary.  Individuals on the registry decide whether to accept assistance and/or remain responsible for themselves in the event of an emergency.

Eligibility Information

Eligible applicants may:

  • Need assistance that cannot be provided by public shelter staff

  • Be homebound

  • Have minor health or medical conditions that require observation and/or help

  • Need minimal help with activities of daily living

  • Need medication and vital sign monitoring

  • Have mental health or developmental problems

  • Have contagious health conditions needing minimal precautions or isolation

Eligibility for the registry is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is not guaranteed. 

Application Information

Applications may be taken in person, or mailed in to the Orange County Department of Social Services in Hillsborough.

Bringing the following items will aid in the process of applications:

  • Identification

  • Social Security Card or number

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Name/Address/Phone Number of Caretaker

  • Medicaid/Medicare/Health Insurance Card or number

  • Name/Address/Phone Number of Doctor

  • Phone Number of Pharmacy

You may download and print the application here.