Real Property

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housedeedThe Register of Deeds office maintains official archival records for deeds, deeds of trust affecting real property in the County. These records are available for public inspection by visiting the Register of Deeds office.

When Mortgages are Fully Paid Off

When a mortgage has been paid in full, it is considered "satisfied." This can be the result of you selling your house, refinancing your mortgage, or paying off your mortgage in full. Attorneys and lending institutions are responsible for submitting the satisfaction paperwork. Citizens can check on satisfactions by examining the Real Estate Inquiry website to see if there are documents with a type of "C" or "SATIS," indicating a satisfaction. Citizens should contact their attorney or lending institution if they have questions about satisfactions.

Web Based Document Inquiry System

The Register of Deeds office also provides a web-based inquiry tool that can be used for deed inquiry remotely and at any time of day or night.