Vitamin O. Meet some of Orange County's residents

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Vitamin O.
Enjoy these interviews with local residents of Orange County, from local photographer and writer, Alicia Stemper, Carrboro, NC. 

Alicia Stemper

Alicia Stemper has been a resident of Orange County since 1983. Trained also as a social worker, she is attracted to people and their stories. Please contact Alicia at if you or someone you know would like to be featured as a future dose of Vitamin O. She can also be reached at (919) 812 4934.

Fluid Revolutions would be impossible to accomplish in other destinations. 

Aaron Keck
is known to many by sound, not sight. 

Donna Bradley, Community Kitchen Manager for Interfaith Council, lost her battle with cancer this week

Aleisha Parker might move to California and “find a beach town that is like Carrboro.” 

Madrid Danner-Smith
says "I'm from the hood."

Gordon Jameson is a founding member of Frank Gallery in Chapel Hill. 

David Brooks says Polo is addictive.

: It’s about treating each other right!

Braxton Foushee: Be at the table at all times.

Aaron Butner is stoked about Hog Day.

Oscar Garcia enjoys helping people access health care.

Beth May, the Tempeh Girl was “too wussified to stay in the cold.”

Allison Sturgill
: I love Jersey cows because of their eyelashes.

Elijah “Eli” Belz has owned Hillsborough Bike Shop with his father for two years.

Jock Lauterer has a mountain home he loves to escape to. 

If Tim Ward was given a million dollars to donate to any group, he would give it to People First of North Carolina, a disability rights advocacy group.

Wilton Dubois came to Orange County looking for a better life. 

Dance is the one art where you can tell a story and it’s not coded, says Isrieal “True” Settles.

Jeannie Petterson specializes in vintage boots in her Hillsborough Uniquitiques shop.

Chance Murray, 26, does not have a television.

Jay Ladd and his husband live in a late 1800’s farmhouse in Cedar Grove.

Xiao McLinton owns Carrboro Family Clinic.

Autumn is Christian Hirni’s favorite season

Asia-Marie Terrell, 26, recently experienced a significant loss that motivated her.

Laura Fenn “Teachers are amazing – their ingenuity is remarkable.”

Max Stein-Seroussi, 17, was adopted at birth into a white, Jewish, vegetarian, home-schooling family. 

Linda Soto relocated to Orange County in 1999 after visiting and seeing beauty and opportunity. 

Leo Gaev first noticed the wildflowers in the NC highway medians.   

Howard and Karen McAdams farm has been in Howard’s family since 1884. 

The county “has ghosts of people and the things they did,” said Frances Shetley, 88.

Sara Stephen's
ancestors were slaves in Orange County.

Rosie Caldwell "If I am receiving something, I now have something else to give.”

Morinaga will soon make one million pieces of Hi-Chew candy a day.

Cameron Moseley is manager of the much-loved Napoli Gourmet Wood Fired Pizza truck.  

Molly and Allison DeMarco (pictured below) are the type of volunteers that every community hopes for. 

DeMarco Twins