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Bicycle Safety Task Force

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The Board of County Commissioners approved a Resolution for the formation of a Bicycle Safety Task Force. The charge to the Task Force will include: 

  1. Developing a campaign for bicycle safety education and research;
  2. Developing an implementation timetable with estimated funding request information within the first 5 meetings, and presenting it to the Orange Unified Transportation Board (OUTBoard) for review and recommendation, and review and approval by the   
  3. Board of County Commissioners (BOCC);
  4. Developing an implementation report and presenting it to the OUTBoard for review and recommendation and the BOCC for review, approval, and funding commitment; and
  5. Following completion and approval of the report, requesting that the BOCC dissolve the Task Force and appoint a Bicycle Safety Subcommittee to oversee the ongoing implementation of the approved recommendations from the Task Force.

The Task Force will look at existing laws and best practices and will use a combination of existing and new materials to educate cyclists and motorists.

For background, please refer to the approved Resolution creating the task force and the OUTBoard Bicycle Safety Memorandum, which led to the BOCC’s request for this Task Force. A list of the Bicycle Safety Task Force members appointed by the BOCC can be found here. The Bicycle Safety Task Force Report was received by the BOCC on May 2, 2017.

Final Report
  Bicycle Safety Task Force Report -  February 2017

2016 Meeting Agendas

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