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Wi-Fi To Go

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WiFi to Go box

Who can check out a hotspot?
Anyone who has a valid library card. We do ask that you limit one hotspot per family.

How do I check out a hotspot?
Stop in at one of our locations. If all of our hotspots are checked out, you can use your library card to place a hold.

How long can I keep a hotspot from the library?
You can borrow a hotspot for three (3) weeks. Two (2) renewals are available if no one else is waiting.

Can I reserve a hotspot?
Yes. If all hotspots are checked out you can use your library card to place a hold.

How do I return a hotspot?
You can return the hotspot to any library location during open hours. No book drop, please. You must return the hotspot with all the original packing and accessories. Please fully charge the battery before you return the device.

Can I use the library’s hotspot to send/receive text messages?
No. Texting/SMS messaging is not available.

How do I renew a hotspot? 
Log into your account or stop by a library locations to renew a hotspot

Does it cost to borrow a hotspot? 
Borrowing and using the hotspot is free! However, if you exceed allowed data limits, you will be billed via your library account. If the hotspot becomes lost, has missing parts or is damaged beyond repair, a $65 fee will be charged to your library account.

Can I take the hotspot outside of the United States?
No. If additional data fees are charged to the hotspot, the fees will be added to your library account.

What information about my Internet usage, if any, is tracked by the library or the service provider?Your Internet usage is not tracked by the library or the service provider. The library maintains records of which customers have checked out library materials for the duration of the checkout period. 

The hotspot prompted me to update the software. Should I do that?
Yes. The hotspot periodically receives software updates from the service provider. You can go ahead and accept the update. The software upgrade process only takes a few minutes.

The hotspot displayed a message that said "Data Limit Reached."
Periodically, our service provider (Verizon) may limit the amount of data its network will carry. This happens when there is network congestion. The library does not receive notice when this occurs, and there is no "fix" other than to wait until the congestion period is over.

NOTE: Resetting or changing any confirmation of the hotspots will require library staff to reconfigure the device. A $5.00 charge will be added to your account and you may be blocked from future use of the WiFi to Go service.

You can access full documentation for the hotspots at Verizon's website, However, because the devices are already activated and configured, you may find few of the articles helpful.

Other questions?
Call and speak with one of our librarians at 919.245.2525 (Hillsborough) or 919.969.3006 (Carrboro) during regular business hours.