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Read Down Your Fines

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read down 2017

Erase Pesky Fines
For every 15 minutes of reading you complete in the library, we will take off $2 in fines from your library account. There is no limit to how much you can read to pay down fines. (So, read for four hours, erase $32 in fines; read from 9 am-8pm and pay down $88.)

Note: As with all of our alternative fine payment opportunities, Read Down Your Fines does not allow you to pay for lost or damaged books, pay for library services such as printing or faxing, or to build up credit on your account. 

Three (3) Simple Steps

  1. Check in at any of our public service desks and let a staff member know you intend to read down fines.
  2. Tell the staff member where you’ll be sitting while you read.
  3. When you are finished reading, check back in at the same desk. We’ll take it from there.

New This Year
Read it Forward: If you don’t have any fines but would like to help out someone who does, you can read and donate your time (via book bucks) to our Read Down Your Fines Community Chest.  An individual with fines may use up to two Read it Forward dollars in a visit to the library.

Happy Reading!