Human Relations Commission

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1523366327_tmp_OCHRC_LOGO_HORIZONTALOne of the policies of Orange County is to promote the equal treatment of all individuals; to prohibit discrimination in Orange County based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, familial status, and veteran status; to protect residents’ lawful interests and their personal dignity so as to make available to the County their full productive and creative capacities, and to prevent public and domestic strife, crime, and unrest within Orange County.

To this end, the Orange County Board of Commissioners created the Orange County Human Relations Commission to:

  • Study and make recommendations concerning problems in the field of human relationships
  • Anticipate and discover practices and customs most likely to create animosity and unrest and to seek solutions to problems as they arise
  • Make recommendations designed to promote goodwill and harmony among groups in the County irrespective of their race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, affectional preference, disability, age, marital status or status with regard to public assistance
  • Monitor complaints involving discrimination
  • Address and attempt to remedy the violence, tensions, polarization, and other harm created through the practices of discrimination, bias, hatred, and civil inequality
  • Promote harmonious relations within the county through hearings and due process of law.
The Orange County Human Relations Commission drafted the Social Justice Goal and the correlating Impact Review Tool to provide a framework for the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and other County government employees, as well as local residents and other stakeholders, to ensure that social justice is paramount in decision-and policy-making.

For more information or to file a discrimination complaint, call the Orange County Human Relations Commission staff at 919-245-2487.

Human Relations Commission Members

Matt Case, Vice Chair
Ana Garcia-Turner 
Scott Goldsmith
Stephanie Harrell
Rebecca High
Allison Mahaley
Jacqulyn Podger, Secretary
Joy Preslar
Alicia Reid
Nora Spencer
Deborah Stroman, Chair
Nancy White
Marc Xavier

To apply for the Human Relations Commission, follow the link here.

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