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Do I need to get a permit to drill a well or repair my existing well?

What inspections from the Health Department are required for my well?

What do I need to do to maintain my well?

When does a well need to be abandoned and why?

How can I test the quality of my private drinking water supply?

What is a bacteria test and what does it tell me?

What do I do if bacteria are found in my well?

What happens if the bacteria return after chlorination?

How often do I need to disinfect (chlorinate) my well?

How often should I have my well tested?

My well has a terrible rotten egg (sulfur) smell. What do I do?

I am having problems with the quality of my water (cloudy, red, black, or brown colored, green staining, etc).  Where can I find help?

Do I need to get my water tested for pesticides or petroleum products (VOC)?