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Tobacco Prevention and Control

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Board of Health Considers Policy on E-Cigarette Use in Enclosed Areas of Restaurants and Bars

In January 2016, the Orange County Board of Health reviewed the emerging evidence on the risks of secondhand e-cigarette aerosol exposure and voted to develop a proposed rule to prohibit use in enclosed areas of bars and restaurants.

Click here to learn more about the proposed rule and research related to e-cigarettes.

Together we can save countless lives

Smoking has been the number-one cause of preventable death and disease in this country for decades. If we could eliminate tobacco use entirely, the results would be staggering: 

  • We would prevent nearly half a million premature deaths each year.
  • We would save the lives of 5.6 million children alive today who would die prematurely because of smoking.
  • 58 million Americans still exposed to secondhand smoke would breathe more freely.
  • We would prevent one out of three cancer deaths in this country.

Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Resources in Orange County

Smoking CessationQuit smoking
The US Surgeon General has said, "Smoking cessation (stopping smoking) represents the single most important step that smokers can take to enhance the length and quality of their lives."

Click here to learn more about cessation services in Orange County

Smoke-Free Public Places
Since 2013, Orange County's public places have been smoke-free. The rule includes places such as government grounds, parks, sidewalks, bus stops, recreational facilities, and any enclosed facility where the public is invited such as lobbies and other common areas.

Click here to learn more about Orange County's Smoke-Free Public Places

Smoke-Free Housingapartment complex
Smoking materials are the leading cause of residential fire deaths, and the evidence is clear that secondhand smoke is harmful for health.

Click here to learn more about our smoke-free housing efforts and what you can do.

ConsequencesarebadTRU Clubs - Tobacco Reality Unfiltered
(TRU) is a state-wide movement for teens and by teens to stay tobacco-free. TRU Teens are peer educators who are empowered to decide what strategies and activities they want to use to take a stand against tobacco use.

Click here to learn more about Orange County's TRU Clubs

Information on the Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

For more information contact:
April Richard, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program Coordinator
Phone: (919) 245-2424