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Refugee Health Services

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Who is eligible for Refugee Health services? 
Refugee Health services are provided to individuals with refugee, asylee or parolee status, who have recently relocated to the United States and are living in Orange County. Certain other groups are also eligible for these special “Refugee” health services, including Amerasians, Cuban/Haitian entrants, victims of severe forms of trafficking, and individuals with special immigrant visas from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

What Refugee Health services are provided by the Health Department? 
As directed by the North Carolina Refugee Health Program, the Health Department provides a refugee health assessment which includes:

  • Communicable disease screening
  • Appropriate follow-up
  • Immunizations
  • Lead testing for children (ages 12 months - 16 years old)
  • Referral for a physical exam

This assessment is to be performed within 30 days of the person's arrival in the country.

The Health Department is also a designated Civil Surgeon for refugee immunizations only. Refugees seeking assistance with their I-693 form need to schedule an appointment. 

I693 Appointment and Civil Surgeon Information: English | Arabic | Burmese | Karen | Kinyarwanda

Do these services cost money?
Most of these services are covered by Medicaid and/or Refugee Medical Assistance, and are free to the covered individual. There may be costs associated with some services such as the I-693 and some immunizations. 

How do I make an appointment or get more information? 
Interpreters are utilized as needed.  All visits are by appointment and are usually conducted at the Chapel Hill office of the Orange County Health Department located at 2501 Homestead Road. 

For an appointment, call (919) 245-2400.  For more information, ask for the Refugee Health Nurse or the Immigrant and Refugee Health Program Manager.