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Lead Poisoning

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pfountnLead is a chemical element that has been used in paint, gas for cars, weights, pottery and many other things and can be very harmful to humans who swallow or breathe in the lead, which is often in the form of dust.

Children from 6 months to 6 years, are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning and can get very sick from lead poisoning.  A child who swallows or breathes in lead may suffer damage to his or her brain, nerves, blood, and other parts of the body. This could result in a lowered IQ, behavior problems, mental retardation, kidney disease, heart disease, and possibly death.

Visit/contact the following sources for more information:

Orange County Health Department

  • Environmental Health Services - (919) 245-2360
  • Child Health Coordinator - (919) 245-2429

State Agencies

Federal Agencies

Information on research, screening, and lead poisoning prevention tips.

Serves as the national lead information center.

Provides information on preventing unintentional injuries and death

A HUD site with information on lead hazards in housing.

Other Agencies:

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