Countywide Radio Communications Project

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"The purpose of the study is to determine the most economical, efficient, reliable and state-of-the-art method for designing and provisioning new countywide radio communications systems used by local government entities to meet the long term voice communications, paging, and voice interoperability needs of the emergency and non-emergency agencies serving residents, workers, and visitors of Orange County."

Orange County has selected Federal Engineering as the consultant conducting this study.

Project Schedule as of Feb 07 2017

Notes from Jan 30 2017 Status Call

Notes from Jan 17 2017 Status Call

Notes from Jan 03 2017 Status Call

Dec 22:

Federal Engineering conducted a Workshop at Emergency Services which was attended by representatives of various emergency responder agencies on Dec 22. The workshop’s purpose was to examine how the different types of systems might result in different coverage levels, how that coverage compares to the current coverage on the VIPER network, and how different setups of tower sites, varying heights, locations, frequency and antenna design, affect that coverage.

The results of that workshop will be used to inform cost modeling by Federal Engineering, and also give an idea of what a phase rollout of any new radio infrastructure would look like, and how radio coverage would change as the system were rolled out.

Notes from Nov. 21 2016 Status Call

Nov 8 - Nov 11:  Federal Engineering met with Public Safety and other Gov. Agencies from across the county to gather information both on how they use their radios, how well the current system meets their needs, and what they need a radio system to do in the future.

Power Point by Federal Engineering Nov 7 Kickoff Meeting