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State of Environment

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The State of the Environment report for Orange County is produced by the Commission for the Environment (CFE)—a citizen board that advises the Orange County Board of Commissioners on matters related the natural environment. 

The CFE completed the first State of the Environment report in February 2000.  That inaugural report was organized into three separate chapters prepared by the Commission’s three standing committees: Air Quality, Biological Resources, and Environmental Indicators and Education.  The report included findings and recommendations to address goals identified by the CFE and the Shaping Orange County’s Future committee.  

Following that initial effort, the CFE decided it would continue to monitor the different parameters, or environmental indicators, so that it might identify the status and trends of environmental quality in Orange County.   Subsequent reports were completed in 2002, 2004 and 2009. 

For further information about the report or any recommendations for future report please contact DEAPR at 919-245-2510.

2014 State of Environment Report

2009 State of Environment Report

2004 State of Environment Report

2002 State of Environment Report

2000 State of Environment Report

Due to the large file size the 2004 and 2009 report are broken into several sections.