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Board of Supervisors

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Monthly Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on the Second Wednesdays of each month at the Orange County Environment and Agriculture Building-(unless time and location changes noted).

Please contact Lisa Pope concerning issues to bring to the attention of the Board or if you wish to be on the agenda.

The Board of Supervisor meetings are listed with All County Meetings. 

Standard Meeting Agenda 

The standard agenda (pdf) contains a list of items regularly discussed at monthly meetings. The agenda is subject to change as needed.

Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from previous board meetings

Board of Supervisors 

The current Board of Supervisors are:




William C. Hogan (Chris), Chair - Elected

117 Redbud Lane 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Roger Tate, --Elected

8615 Harmony Church Road
Efland, NC 27243


Karen McAdams - Vice Chair --Appointed

1616 Efland-Cedar Grove Rd.
Elfand, NC  27243


Clay Parker -- Appointed


2211 Laws Store Rd.
Hurdles Mills, NC  27243


Morris Shambley- Elected

2609 Mt. Willing Road
Efland, NC 27243



Operations of Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District are directed by a Board of Supervisors.  Three of the five members are elected officials.  The remaining two are nominated by the Board and appointed by the state Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  All positions are non-partisan. Historically, the same District Law of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (pdf) have always been used.