Election Data and Forms

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Election Data:
Election Results (various formats) - From November 2000 forward.
Request Election Data (required form) - Deposit is required for everything except emailed data.
One-Stop (Early Voting) Results - From November 2008 forward.
Registration Statistics by Precincts (pdf) - updated several times a year.
Current Absentee Downloads (State Board of Elections)

Election Worker Sign-up Sheet - For Election Day, Early Voting, Recounts, etc. If emailing this form, it may need to be saved to your desktop first. 
Absentee Ballot Request Form - Must have an actual signature and must be completed by the voter or the voter's near relative.
Notice of Candidacy Form
Remove a Moved or Deceased Voter
Order Material for a Registration Drive (pdf) - Should be submitted directly to the State Board of Elections.
North Carolina Voter Registration Application (pdf) - Must be signed. New registrations must be mailed or hand-delivered. Except for Party Affiliation changes, existing Orange County registered voters may email or fax a signed completed updated application.