Election Data and Forms

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Election Data:
Election Results (various formats) - From November 2000 forward.
One-Stop (Early Voting) Results - From November 2008 forward.
Registration Statistics by Precincts (pdf) - updated several times a year.
Current Absentee Downloads (State Board of Elections)

Request Election Data (required form) - Deposit is required for everything except emailed data.
Election Worker Sign-up Sheet - For Election Day, Early Voting, Recounts, etc. If emailing this form, it may need to be saved to your desktop first. 
Absentee Ballot Request Form - Must have an actual signature and must be completed by the voter or the voter's near relative.
Notice of Candidacy Form  - If candidate files in person, this form will be completed by BOE staff at the time of filing. If submitting candidacy paperwork by mail, please complete and submit this form. Candidacy Forms may not be accepted prior to Noon the first day of filing.
Remove a Moved or Deceased Voter
Order Material for a Registration Drive (pdf) - Should be submitted directly to the State Board of Elections.
North Carolina Voter Registration Application (pdf) - Must be signed. New county registrations must be mailed or hand-delivered. as well as all party affiliation changes. Existing Orange County registered voters may email or fax a signed completed application if simply updating an address or name.