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Volunteer Advisory Boards and Commissions

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One major way citizens can have a positive impact on the future of Orange County is to volunteer to serve on the various County advisory boards and commissions. With over 30 different boards and commissions, volunteers appointed by the Board of County Commissioners have an opportunity to influence the way of life in Orange County.

If you would like to help your community by volunteering for one of these boards or commissions, please read the requirements and then submit an application.

    • Appointments are made to various boards usually on a monthly schedule.
    • You will be notified if appointed.
    • If you are not initially appointed to a board for which you have applied, your application will be resubmitted automatically until such time that you are appointed, or your application expires. Applications expire after two years.
    • When applying for a Orange County Board or Commission, your application is considered a public record.
    • There is a 75% attendance requirement for all advisory board members that must be adhered to in order to maintain membership.