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The Conservation Easement Component of the Lands Legacy program was initially funded in July 2002, and provides matching funds for State and federal grants to acquire conservation easements to conserve prime or threatened farmland, sensitive natural areas, or important water quality buffer lands in keeping with Board goals and Land Legacy priorities $250,000 Includes anticipated $125,000 in grants. Portion to be needed May/June. Remaining funds used to leverage state/federal grants and expended early 2017. conservation easement
Park and
New access to Fairview Park and associated parking accessible from Highway 86 Appropriated in FY 16-17 CIP $425,000 Project bids opened on 6/2/16 Fairview Park
Phase II
Based on the Little River Park master plan (existing Phase I plan completed in 2002; plan for Phase II being drafted by Orange and Durham staffs for future review). Year 1 and 2 activities would be focused on infrastructure improvements needed (re-pave the park entry road, expand parking, repave the ADA loop trail, and add a new maintenance shed). In Years 6-7, other improvements including a new playground and new trails are projected to be needed. 50% of funding to come from Orange County. $100,000 In design by Orange and Durham County staffs; bidding for infrastructure improvements (re-pave entry road, if funds remain ADA trail, maintenance shed) would occur in spring of 2016. little river park
New Hope
Hollow Rock
Public Access
The New Hope Preserve, which includes the Hollow Rock Natural Area, will feature hiking trails and environmental education/signage throughout a 72-acre site owned by Orange County, Durham County, and the Town of Chapel Hill. These costs are planned site facilities (parking, driveway, trails and bridges, kiosks and other low-impact amenities) that would be built in three phases. $260,000 Programming/ DesignPhase 1 trail construction is underway with grant & Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation resources. This includes parking lots, trails, & replacement bridges. Phase II (if appropriated by the Board of County Commissioners) will be bid & constructed in FY ‘16-17. hollow rock
Each year, park and recreation equipment and facilities need renovation, repair, replacement, and upgrades. This project provides for a scheduled funding source for these needs that allow a schedule of repairs and renovations, etc that can be planned for in advance. Each year the master list of scheduled projects is reviewed and prioritized, and projects proposed to be funded from this account. $300,000 Previously identified schedule of repairs and renovations underway, most if not all expected to be completed during FY 2015-16. park facility improvements
River Park,
Phase II
Phase II of RiverPark, located behind the Courthouse and County East Campus, would include a performance shell for events, benches, and a small exhibit on the Occonneechee tribe. Additional facilities may be needed related to Town of Hillsborough pedestrian improvements along Churton Street. $300,000 Currently waiting on Town's pedestrian upfit and storm water pipe to start in January 2016; several project components involved: trail construction, pedestrian work area, Occoneechee Village work area  riverparkk
Phase II
Previously named Eurosport Soccer Center, this project is an investment in the current soccer center, with expansion onto adjoining property and construction of additional fields (including two planned artificial turf fields) and the originally planned tennis courts (part of original facility Phase II design). Expansion costs in Year 5 are also include associated parking, irrigation, restrooms/equipment building, and storm water controls. $425,000 Negotiating land acquisition; expect to need funds in Feb-April 2016; will be higher than $425,000, but remaining will come from available Lands Legacy funds. constproj_SP_Sportsplex
Upper Eno
Public access is envisioned at the Seven Mile Creek Natural Area and McGowan Creek Natural Area. Upper Eno Preserve would also include a portion of the future NC Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Initial work using exisiting staff resources occurred in FY 12-13 and continued into FY 13-14 to identify parking and signage. The project is anticipated to begin with completion of the Seven Mile Creek Natural Area, wildlife viewing areas, and primitive camping. $125,000 Parking lot survey- January. Parking lot and trail work to be completed in Spring/Summer 2016.  uppereno nature