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VC 55+ VITA Free Income Tax Assistance

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VITA is an Orange County Volunteer Connect 55+ (VC 55+) volunteer program that provides FREE federal and state income tax preparation to eligible individuals with low-to-middle income, regardless of age or county of residence.

Are You Eligible   VITA Services
VITA Sites and Schedules (2016 Season Closed) Volunteer with VITA
Make Your Appointment Tax Filing Resources
What to Bring to Your Appointment   VITA History and Sponsors


To download and print "Are You Eligible?" for VITA services click here.

(If you answer “yes” to any of the first 5 questions below, VITA cannot
prepare your return)

1.  Are you a foreign student?

Refer to the Compass Center  for a Tuesday appointment 919-968-4610

Compass Center will provide screening and make the appt.

2.  Did you go through bankruptcy in 2015?

Bankruptcy is out of the range of VITA’s services


VITA cannot
prepare return 

3.  Did you have a foreclosure on your mortgage?

Foreclosure is out of the range of VITA’s services


VITA cannot prepare return 

4.  Did you have rental income? (Are you a landlord?)

Rental income is out of the range of VITA’s services


VITA cannot prepare return 

5.  Are you self-employed? (Form 1099-MISC or cash income)

Do you have expenses greater than $25,000, employees, losses, cancellation of debt on a business credit card, or business use of home (Form 8829)? Out of range of VITA’s services

VITA cannot prepare return

6.  If you had cancellation of personal credit card debt in 2015 (1099-C), were you insolvent at the time of debt cancellation?

Insolvent:  Your total debt owed is more than the value of your assets. If insolvent, you are out of range of VITA’s services


VITA cannot prepare return 

7.  If you had cancellation of personal credit card debt in 2015, were you solvent immediately before the time of debt cancellation?

Solvent:  Your total debt owed is less than the value of your assets.


VITA can prepare your return 

8.  Are you self-employed?(Form 1099-MISC or cash income)

Do you have expenses less than $25,000? (Cannot have employees, losses, cancellation of debt on a business credit card, or business use of home.)


VITA can prepare your return 

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The 2016 VITA season has ended. Please check back in January for the 2017 schedule. 

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The 2016 appointment schedule is closed. Please check back after January 15 to schedule your 2017 Tax Season appointment.


To download and print a copy of "What to Bring for 2015 Tax Season" click click here.

1. Photo identification for taxpayer and spouse (if married). Both spouses must be present to sign a joint return

2. Social Security cards for you, your spouse and dependents (copies are acceptable)

3. An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) assignment letter may be substituted for you, your spouse and your dependents if you do not have a Social Security number

4. Birth dates for you, your spouse and dependents on the tax return

5. Copies of last year’s (2014) federal and state tax returns

6. All wage and earning statements for income received in 2015: W-2 forms, social security income, pension, unemployment, retirement income and other forms showing earnings

7. If you are self-employed and eligible, bring receipts for expenses and statements of income.

8. Interest and dividend statements from banks and investments (Forms 1099)

9. Health care documentation from your insurer including any amounts paid by your employer and for each person named on the tax return (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurers). If you receive a W-2 and your employer offers your health insurance, it will be noted on your W-2.

10. Affordable Health Care Insurance Statement from the Marketplace, Form1095 (A, B, or C). If you have dependent(s), bring ALL their income information.
For more information:  OR

11. Amounts paid for day care or after school care and provider’s identifying tax #

12. Education Credits: 1098T statement along with receipts for books, fees and expenses paid as a requirement for enrollment. Bring a statement from the college showing required expenses.

13. Dollar totals by category for medical expenses (doctor, dentist, hospital, prescriptions, parking and miles driven to doctor/dentist) & charitable donations and volunteer miles

14. Receipts for mortgage interest, personal property tax, real estate tax, vehicle tax paid

15. Home sold in 2015:: All records of home sales, including closing statements for original purchase and sale of your home

16. Stock sales in 2015: All records of sales & date and price of original purchase

17. Refund Direct Deposit or Amount Owed Withdrawal: Provide bank routing & account numbers such as on a check. To ensure accuracy, provide a check for your preparer to view.

18. Phone number where you can be reached day and night (Email address if available)

19. Any and all information you receive from the IRS

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* All VITA services are FREE

  • Computerized Federal and State tax returns
  • Electronic Filing of Returns
  • IRS-Trained and Certified VITA Volunteers
  • Tax Credits: Volunteers identify entitled taxpayer deductions and credits such as Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Care Credit, Elderly and Disabled Credit, Education Credits (credits may lower tax debt or increase refund)
  • Returns are Reviewed for Accuracy

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To become a VITA Volunteer, Call (919) 245-4240 Today!

JuneWeatherly*All volunteers will receive free training and ongoing support.

Volunteer Tax Preparer

  • Prepare returns for low to moderate income clients
  • Requires IRS training and testing; provided by VC 55+ (Training: January 4 - 8, or online)

Telephone Appointment Team

  • Help schedule appointments or make reminder phone calls. The telephone team will read from a script to screen clients for eligibility and to inform them of the records they need to bring. Training provided

Intake Receptionist

  • Help clients with the check in/out process, which involves greeting clients, organizing their documents, assisting with forms. This opportunity is ideal for a people-person who is organized, pays attention to detail and enjoys assisting others. Training provided

VITA Volunteer Orientation 

Note: One-on-one orientation will be provided for those who were unable to attend the October-November orientation sessions.

To discuss VC55+ VITA Volunteer registration, training for the different volunteer positions and orientation options, please call Kathy Porter at 919-245-4240.

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Since the early 1980s, the Federal Internal Revenue service (IRS) has partnered with the Orange County Government to provide VITA Services, ensuring that the County's taxpayers have access to and can benefit from this free service. Annually over 112 VITA volunteers at 8 VITA tax sites assist approximately 1,800 clients in Orange and Chatham Counties.

Local Sponsors: Orange County Department on Aging-Volunteer Connect 55+ Division, Compass Center for Women & Families, Chatham County Council on Aging, United Way of the Greater Triangle, Towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, Carol Wood Retirement Community, The Cedars Retirement Community, UNC Hospitals and Action Pathways, Inc.

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