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SportsPlex Fitness Membership

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Are you an Orange County resident, age 55 or older? Interested in a SportPlex Membership at a discounted rate?

If you said yes, join the SportsPlex in Hillsborough though the Passmore Center today!

Membership includes group exercise classes and access to the SportPlex fitness center and pool. For more information, including gym hours, visit the SportPlex website.

Membership scholarships How to become a member
Special membership fees  



Scholarships are available on a sliding scale to people with low incomes. They will be granted, case-by-case, based on the federal poverty guidelines. For questions, please contact the Wellness Coordinator at (919) 245-4270.

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Orange County Residents

Payment Plan



Once a year






Payable to Sportsplex by cash, check, credit card or monthly drafts

The new membership fee ($49) is waived when you complete the physical function screen and pay the membership fee.

Standard rates apply to non-Orange County residents and to those who do not wish to complete the physical function screen. Those rates can be found at on the SportPlex membership page.

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  1. Complete an initial physical function screen before using the SportPlex facility.
  2. Receive a voucher for membership to join SportsPlex.
  3. Sign-up and pay special membership rates available only through the Senior Center membership, or qualify for a scholarship.
  4. Complete an equipment orientation session with the SportsPlex Staff.

To make an appointment for a physical function screen, contact the Passmore Center front desk at (919) 245-2015 or the Seymour Center front desk at (919) 968-2070.

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