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Orange County Advisory Board on Aging (Aging Board)

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The Orange County Advisory Board on Aging acts as the liaison between older adults in Orange County and the County government by making recommendations and suggesting polices to the Board of Commissioners and the Orange County Department on Aging. It is charged with promoting needed services, programs, and funding that impacts older adults in Orange County.


The Orange County Advisory Board on Aging meets on the second Tuesday of the month from 1 - 3 pm, alternating locations between the Seymour Center and Passmore Center. The Board does not meet during the month of July. See the 2017 Meeting Schedule; for questions about the meetings, please call (919) 245-4255.

Click here to view the Advisory Board’s past meeting minutes.


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For questions about membership or the application process, please call (919) 245-2125.



  1. Serve as liaison between the older citizens of Orange County and Orange County Government concerning aging issues.
  2. Serve as the Advisory body for the Orange County Department on Aging (DOA).
  3. Suggest policy and make recommendations to the Department and the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on the special needs of the elderly, particularly with respect to the needs for a comprehensive, integrated approach to the delivery of services in the fields of health, mental health, social services, recreation, employment and other programs for older adults.
  4. Work to simulate and promote needed services and programs for older residents.
  5. Assist the public and voluntary agencies in providing services to older persons.
  6. Review and make recommendations concerning service proposals and funding of services that have an impact on older persons.
  7. Consult with and assist the Director of DOA in the preparation of the Department's budget.
  8. Review the proposed budget of the DOA prior to the time that budget is submitted to the County Manager.
  9. Advocate the needs of the DOA to the BOCC.
  10. Assist the Director of the DOA in planning and developing a unified and coordinated "County Aging Plan" with a view towards defining policies, services and facilities in consultation with the Area Agency on Aging of the Region J Council of Governments and the North Carolina Division of Aging.
  11. Perform other functions and duties from time to time as requested and prescribed by the BOCC.