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Animal Services Advisory Board Agendas and Materials

2014 Agendas

Unapproved Summary from September

Applications for ASAB Candidates

Annual Report Work Plan 2014-15 working document

Animal Services News


ASAB Applicants

Unapproved Summary from August

Veterinary Healthcare Overview

Handout from meeting


Applicants for Animal Advocate Position

Free Roaming Cat Task Force Draft Report

Midyear Summary Statistics 2014

Geographical Service Areas for Animal Services

Animal Services News

Unapproved Summary from June


Unapproved Summary from May


Unapproved Summary from April

Various Meeting Documents


Unapproved Summary from March


Unapproved Summary from February

ASAB Applicants

Draft Correspondence to citizen

Animal Services News, Stats & Updates


Unapproved Summary from January

2014 Community Spay/Neuter Report

2013 Summary Statistics

FRC Task Force Charge (revisions 2/5)

Presentation from citizen

Verbal presentation from citizen

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Unapproved Summary from November

Communication About ASAB Vacancies

ASAB Applicants

ASAB Goal Setting 2013/2014

Willful Tresspass Decision Tree

SN Day Resolution for BOCC

Livestock & Public Nuisance Provision Email

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2013 Agendas



Unapproved Summary from October

Proposed 2014 Meeting Calendar

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Free Roaming Cat Task Force







Meeting Summary from September

Memo to BOCC Chair from ASAB Chair

Timeline for Unified Animal Control Ordinance

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Meeting Summary from August

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Meeting Summary from June

Proposed Unified Ordinance draft

Changes and Concerns Regarding Proposed Ordinance

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Meeting Summary from May

Memo re: S/N qualification criteria

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Meeting Summary from April

ASAB Contact List

Vicious Animal Summary

Animal Services Updates








ASAB Policies & Procedures (11/8/12)

Amended General Advisory Board Policy (11/8/12)

ASAB Public FAQ sheet


Meeting Summary from February

State of Animal Services Powerpoint

OC Draft Unified Ordinance

Animal Services News

Dangerous Dog reference submitted by public


Meeting Summary from January

ASAB Candidate List


Meeting Minutes from November 28th meeting

Goal Setting Document

2013 Calendar of Events

ASAB Manual Table of Contents

Task Force Report on Spaying & Neutering Strays

Animal Services News

Non-Municipality At-Large PositionCandidate Updates

Spay/Neuter Flyer