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Environmental Health Septic & Well Permit Application


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  • Application Instructions

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    2. Orange County Environmental Health

      Septic and Well Application Instructions

      Please read before starting an application.  Refunds cannot be issued once service is initiated.

      Application: Complete with as much information as possible.

      Site Plan Drawn to Scale. The following items must be included: 

      • Existing and proposed property lines, easements, rights-of way, and buffers with measurements
      • Location of all proposed structures, driveways, additions, and other future improvements. Include dimensions of the structures and measurements to two (2) property lines (minimum). 
      • Known sources of contamination (e.g. septic drain fields, animal lots, fuel tanks, old wells, etc.)

      Example Site Plan

      Floor Plan (Construction Authorizations and Changes in Floor Plan) - not required for Well Permits or residential Improvement Permits; other conditions apply for commercial projects.

      Incomplete applications cannot be processed. 

    3. Preparing for the Soil/Site Evaluation or Site Visit

      • Verify that the email and phone submitted are the best ways to reach the applicant
      • Stake all proposed structures.
      • Mark property lines and corners clearly and ensure they are accessible. If property lines cannot be verified, it will be necessary for the property to be surveyed before a determination can be made.
      • Trim thick vegetation. The area may need to be "bush-hogged" or thinned out. Do not grade or excavate potential soil areas; it is possible to damage sites beyond use. 
    4. Failure to prepare the site may cause long delays in permitting, may result in a Notice of Incomplete Application, and/or result in a $50 re-inspection fee.