Solid Waste Management Facility

Important Notice

  • 1000 pound max weight for truck/van/trailer loads.
  • All loads must be tarped
  • Vehicles must have working tailgate
  • Weights above 1000 pound will be prorated at the one ton rate.

Regulated Recyclable Materials Penalty Fee

C and D waste loads containing Regulated Recyclable Materials (i.e. corrugated cardboard, clean wood, and scrap metal), are subject to a penalty fee. More than 1/3 cubic yard of banned materials per load will be subject to double tip fee. Loads with 50% or more of these banned materials may pay an additional fee of $400. 

The Orange County Solid Waste Management Department offers reduced tip fees for these materials if they are separated for recycling prior to delivery to the Orange County Landfill.

Banned items

Click here for a list of banned items.

Item/materials Fee
C&D Waste
Debris resulting solely
from construction,
remodeling, repair, or demolition.
Inert debris including brick,
block, and uncontaminated soils.
- $40 per ton (1-ton minimum
- $22 per pick-up truck/van/trailer load
- $5 per car load
Stumps and land-clearing waste $40 per ton (one-ton minimum)
Mobile homes
Call ahead for appointment.
Remove all furniture and personal items,
and drain all fluids prior to delivery.
Appliances and thermostats must be
removed and can be recycled separately
at the Orange County Landfill.
$200 per section or single wide
Mattresses and box springs
Dry, clean and intact mattresses and box
springs will be recycled.

- Residential - No charge
- Business - $10 per piece
Vegetative yard waste
Will be ground into mulch
- $20 per ton (1-ton minimum
- $8 per pick-up truck/van/trailer load
- $3 per car load
Clean wood waste 
Will be ground for boiler fuel
- $20 per ton (1-ton minimum
- $8 per pick-up truck/van/trailer load
- $3 per car load
Corrugated Cardboard No charge
Oyster Shells No charge
Electronics No charge
Tires (any size) - Residential/commercial - No charge
- Stockpiled tires/no state
certification - $100 per ton
Large appliances (white goods)
Commercial size appliances must have
refrigerent removed prior to disposal.
No charge
Scrap metal
Separated, clean loads
No charge