According to the U.S. EPA, approximately 34% of the municipal solid waste stream is made up of organic material. In Orange County, 47% of the waste sent to landfills could instead be composted. OCSWM can help businesses, institutions, and individuals "starve the landfill and feed the soil" by composting their organic wastes including yard waste and kitchen scraps.

Compost Demonstration Sites

IMG-9121There are two outdoor composting demonstration sites located in Orange County where you can learn more about outdoor composting and observe it "in action":

Chapel Hill Community Center (behind the rose garden) on South Estes Drive.

  • Orange County Solid Waste Management Administrative Office, 1207 Eubanks Road in Chapel Hill. (pictured left)

Compost Bins

For information on how to purchase a kitchen top compost bin or backyard composter, here.

Food Waste Drop-Off Sites 

Orange County offers 5 locations for residents to drop-off their food waste and other compostable materials for FREE around the County. For more information on these drop-off sites, click here.