Real and Personal Property Auctions

The Orange County Tax Collector uses the In Rem method of foreclosure, in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 105-375.
After the Tax Office has exhausted all other means of collection, properties are seized and then auctioned off.

Current Properties for Auction

Next Sale Date:  April 21, 2021 @ 12:01PM

The Orange County Sheriff's Department conducts each sales. The auction is being held at the Orange County Courthouse Steps, 106 E. Margaret Lane Hillsborough NC

Below is a list of properties currently being foreclosed: All are sold subject to 2021 taxes that are not covered under this judgment. Purchaser will be responsible for taxes not included in the judgment. 

  • PIN #9767696227, County of Orange v. Claudia Aponte; File # 20 M 199; known as 203 Moonridge Rd Chapel Hill NC; Legal description: Located in Chapel Hill Township, Orange County, North Carolina: BEING ALL OF LOTS 3 AND 4 OF TIMBERLAKE ESTATES, ACCORDING TO PLAT BOOK 8 AT PAGE 5, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTRY. (PIN 9767696227, See Deed Book 1127, Page 93, Orange County Registry). Starting Bid $27,000 subject to change.

  • PIN #9844766649, County of Orange v. ALPHONZO COLEMAN aka Alphonso Coleman, File # 20 M 182; Legal description: Located in Cheeks Township, Orange County, North Carolina and PARCEL # 9844766649, CONTAINING 5.33 ACRES MORE OR LESS, ACCORDING TO PLAT BOOK 107 PAGE 187, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTRY.  (PIN # 9844766649, See Deed Book 1031 Page 231 & Deed Book 823, Page 527, Orange County Registry).  Starting Bid $10,500 subject to change.  

  • PIN #9822212797, County of Orange v. TEDDY EUGENE OLIVER HEIRS, File # 20 M 185; Legal description: Located in Bingham Township, Orange County, North Carolina and BEING ALL OF LOT NUMBER ONE (1) of the Mebane Oaks Estates subdivision as shown in a plat recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Orange County, North Carolina in Plat Book 24, at Page 43, and said plat is incorporated as a part of this description by reference. (PIN # 9822212797, Deed Book 1266, Page 80). LESS AND EXCEPT that certain portion of land containing .33 acres now located in ALAMANCE COUNTY per the Alamance/Orange County Line Surveys recorded in Plat Book 109 Pages 67-90, Orange County RegistryStarting Bid $5,500 subject to change.
  • PIN #9768056273 County of Orange v. MONISA FARRINGTON, PAMELA BYNUM EDWARDS, JACINTA FRAZIER, ROBERT RUSSELL, RUTH LONG; File # 20 M 200; Legal description: Located in Chapel Hill Township, Orange County, North Carolina: All of that certain tract or parcel of land situated, lying and being on the East side of a public road (recently referred to as Gates Road) and being part of the Thomas Farrington 59 acres tract of land purchased from E.C. Neville in 1928, see Deed Book 91 at Page 308, Orange County Registry, and being more particularly described as BEGINNING at the point in the East line of said public road where the branch runs thereunder, a corner of the Neville Estate property; running thence with said stream and with the Neville line North 82 ° East 110 feet, North 20° East 100 feet, North 80° East 140 feet, North 12°  West 80 feet, North 60° East 155 feet, North 80° East 200 feet, North 35° East 100 feet, North 60° East 100 feet and South 85° East 100 feet to a Cedar tree, a new corner; running thence, new lines through the Thomas Farrington Estate property, North 2° East 300 feet to a stake and pointers and South 80° West 750 feet to the line of the public road; running thence with the East line of said road South 10° West 542 feet to the Beginning and containing 8.10 acres, more or less, as surveyed and platted by J. Ralph Weaver, Reg. Sur., on March 26, 1968. (See deed Book 216 at Page 259, Orange County Registry, PIN #9768056273). LESS AND EXCEPT that property deeded to Carroll & Curtis Farrar in Deed Book 259 at Page 1977, containing 1.01 acres, more or less; that certain property deeded to Mary & Fred Lynn in Deed Book 295 at Page 142; and that certain property deeded to Betty Sue Edwards in Book 522 at Page 527, containing 1.02 acres, more or less.  Starting Bid $15,000 subject to change.   

Property Auction Information.

Bidding Process

The highest bidder at public sale shall be required to pay in full (not make a deposit) the amount of the successful bid at the conclusion of the execution sale (subject to the confirmation of the sale as by law provided). The successful bid amount shall be paid in cash or certified funds (payable to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department). 

The Sheriff’s office may, in its discretion, determine and allow a reasonable time within which to deliver the successful bid amount to that office. The successful bidder shall also be responsible for the payment of any excise tax due to the Register of Deeds office, and all recording fees at the appropriate time.

Upset Bid

There is a ten day upset bid period in which the high bid may be upset by filing an Upset Bid with the Orange County Clerk of Court. The Upset Bid must be in cash or by certified funds in an amount greater than or equal to 5% of the amount of the Upset Bid but in any event not less than $750 dollars. The Upset Bid must be filed with the Orange County Clerk of Court by 5 p.m. on the tenth day after the filing of the Report of Sale. If the tenth day is a Sunday or a legal holiday or a day which the office of the clerk is not open then the deposit may be made the following business day. 

After the ten day upset bid period expires successfully with no upset bid made the Order of Confirmation is filed and the Orange County Sheriff will execute a Non-Warranty Sheriff’s Deed. The total amount of the upset bid in full is due upon delivery of the Sheriff’s Deed. 

If you have specific questions regarding Tax  Foreclosures in Orange County or regarding a particular property please contact Valerie Curry, Revenue Collection Manager for Orange County at 919-245-2732 or email Valerie Curry.

  • Properties sold may be subject to IRS Tax Liens, City/County Taxes for any years not covered under our judgment, and other restrictions of record.
  • It is your responsibility to research and obtain information regarding the property, prior to the sale.
  • The deed description may include portions of land that have already been sold off by the current owner and are NOT subject to the sale.

List of properties currently being foreclosed: There are none at this time.

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