About the Program

If you live in Orange County and struggle to control your child’s asthma, ask your doctor or school nurse for a referral for a free Healthy Homes Assessment. Healthy Homes is a free program for families that can help you take control of your child’s asthma. It has been proven to significantly reduce emergency room visits and improve asthma symptoms.

A Healthy Homes team will visit you at home. They will identify things that may be making your child’s asthma worse and provide you and your healthcare provider with a report on how to make your home healthier. They will help you with:

  • Identifying potential asthma triggers and health hazards
  • Information and resources to implement low-cost, reliable, and practical methods to reduce health and safety hazards
  • Asthma medication management

Who It Serves

This program serves families who:

  • Have a child under the age of 18 with poorly controlled asthma
  • Live in Orange County

Medical Providers & School Nurses

To make a referral for a home visit for a child with poorly controlled asthma who lives in Orange County use the provider referral form (PDF).

This service is part of a pilot program offered by the health department and will continue as funding permits.

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