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About Healthy Carolinians of Orange County

Healthy Carolinians of Orange County (HCOC) is a network of agencies and citizens partnering to promote health and wellness in Orange County. Members of HCOC are representatives from schools, human service agencies, churches, civic groups, businesses, local government, UNC Chapel Hill, health care organizations including UNC Healthcare, and concerned citizens.


Our mission is to advocate, guide and assist Orange County in planning and implementing health care strategies to promote healthy lifestyles, improve health status and prevent premature death and injury for all residents in the county regardless of age, race, income or educational level. The overall goal of the program is to reduce health disparities.

2021 State of the County Health Report (SOTCH)

SOTCHThis 2021 State of the County Health Report (SOTCH) provides an update on local health concerns and the actions being taken to address them. It uses the most recent data to highlight the leading Orange County, North Carolina (OC) causes of death and disease as well as progress towards addressing the leading health concerns identified in the 2019 Community Health Assessment (CHA). 


Ashley Rawlinson, Healthy Carolinians Coordinator