Composting Presentations and Workshops

Composting Education

.Learn about how to start composting and the options available in Orange County. Solid Waste Education and Outreach Coordinator, will be discussing the importance of composting, various types of composting bins, maintaining a pile, and using finished compost. In addition to backyard composting, Kyra will go over other options for composting such as various food-waste drop-off sites and local compost collection services.

To schedule a composting presentation please call 919-968-2788 or send an email to

Compost Demonstration Sites

There are two outdoor composting demonstration sites located in Orange County where you can learn more about outdoor composting and observe in it "in action":

Orange County Solid Waste Management Administrative Office, 1207 Eubanks Rd. Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill Community Center (behind the rose garden) on S. Estes Drive.

Visit the Composting Resources page for more information about home composting.