CCC Members


Renee Price, Orange County Vice Chair


  • Barbara Foushee, Carrboro Board of Alderman
  • Karen Stegman, Chapel Hill Town Council
  • Matt Hughes, Hillsborough Board of Commissioners
  • Todd McGee, Director, Orange County Community Relations
  • Melissa Blackburn, Orange County Community Relations
  • Janice Tyler, Director, Orange County Department on Aging
  • Lucinda Munger, Director, Orange County Library
  • Steve Brantley, Director, Orange County Economic Development
  • Libbie Hough, Communications Manager, Orange County Library
  • Tom Altieri, Orange County Planning Department
  • Corey Root, Director, Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness
  • Quintana Stewart, Director, Orange County Health Department
  • Lindsey Shewmaker, Human Services Manager, Orange County Department of Social Services
  • Catherine Lazorko, Communications Manager, Town of Chapel  Hill
  • Dwight Bassett, Economic Development Officer, Town of Chapel Hill
  • Phillip Fleischmann, Director of Parks and Recreation, Town of Chapel Hill
  • Judy Johnson, Interim Planning Director, Town of Chapel Hill
  • Susan Brown, Director of Chapel Hill Public Library
  • Sarah Vinas, Assistant Director for Office of Housing and Community
  • Faith Brodie, Director of Chapel Hill Public Housing
  • Rachel Heggens, Communications Manager, Carrboro
  • Patricia McGuire, Planning Director, Carrboro
  • Annette Stone, Economic Development Director, Carrboro
  • Rebecca Buzzard, Affordable Housing, Carrboro
  • Catherine Wright, Public Information Officer, Hillsborough
  • Margaret Hauth, Planning Director, Hillsborough
  • Anna Richards, Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP President
  • Patricia Clayton, Northern Orange County NAACP representative
  • Meagan Clawar, Program Manager, Refugee and Community Partnership
  • Eliazar Posada, El Centro
  • Aaron Nelson, President and CEO, Chapel Hill Chamber
  • Kim Tesoro, Chief Executive Officer, Hillsborough Chamber
  • Kristen Smith Young, Director of Community Relations, UNC
  • Aaron Bachenheimer, Executive Director, Off-Campus Student Life and Community Partnerships, UNC
  • Jeffrey Nash, Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools


  • Eric Edelheit, Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
  • Stacey Carless, Executive Director, NC Counts Coalition
  • Durrell Johnson, Communications & Outreach Dir., NC Counts Coalition