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Re-Think Your Drink

Why You Should Re-Think Your Drink

  • Sweetened drinks can contribute calories to the overall diet
  • Beverage calories may not provide a feeling of overall fullness
  • Reducing high-calorie beverages may be an easy way to decrease calorie intake and lose or maintain weight

Tips for Making Smart Drink Choices

  • Choose power drinks like water, milk and juice instead of soft drinks
  • Drink in the morning: Pour a glass of water, juice or milk
  • Drink all day: Keep a water bottle handy in the car, at home, work or school
  • Drink water before, during and after activity

Helpful Handouts for Re-Thinking Your Drink

  • Smart Drinks for a Healthy Weight: Staying hydrated can make a difference in your health, your performance and even your attitude. This handout tells you how choosing power drinks like water, milk and juice instead of soft drinks can help you maintain a healthy weight and quench your thirst. 
  • Making Smart Drink Choices: Are you drinking enough water during your day? Read this handout to learn daily water recommendations and why you should limit high-sugar drinks like soda and juice. Spanish Version 
  • Think Your Drink: This colorful chart shows you the difference between healthy and non-healthy drinks. 
  • I Will Drink More Water: This empowering poster reminds people to drink more water because it is refreshing, healthy, and free. Spanish Version 
  • For Organizations: If you want to promote this message to a group, download the Re-Think Your Drink Toolkit.
    You may also find our sample Water Pitcher Policy helpful.