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Division Telephone Staff Title
Administration 919-245-2585 Craig Benedict Planning and Inspections Director
  919-245-2585 Elaina Cheek Administrative Support II
  919-245-2575 Tina Love Administrative Support I


Division Telephone Staff Title
Special Projects 919-245-2578 Perdita Holtz Planning Systems Coordinator/ Planner III
  919-245-2589 Ashley Moncado Special Projects Planner/Planner II
  919-245-2595 Brian Carson GIS Project Coordinator
Current Planning 919-245-2597 Vacant Current Planning Supervisor
  919-245-2599 Vacant Planner II
  919-245-2598 Vacant Planner I
    Vacant Planning Technician
​Transportation Planning
919-245-2579 Tom Altieri Supervisor/Planner III
  919-245-2567 Thomas Ten  Eyck Transportation/Land Use Planner II
  919-245-2582 Nishith Trivedi Transportation Planner II
​Erosion Control
919-245-2577 Patrick Mallett Erosion Control and Stormwater Supervisor
  919-245-2583 Christopher J. Sandt, P.E. Staff Engineer
  919-245-2588 Steve Kaltenbach Erosion Control Officer II
  919-245-2584 Kenneth Owens Erosion Control Officer II
  919-245-2580 Nathan Jacobsen Erosion Control Officer I


Division Telephone Staff Title
Building Inspections 919-245-2604 Michael Rettie OC Building Official
  919-245-2607 Jennifer Geda Property Development Specialist II
  919-245-2619 Jessica Gentry
Property Development Specialist
  919-245-2612 Jocelyn Gentry Property Development Specialist
  919-245-2601 Linda Pulley Property Development Technician
  919-245-2600 Jeanneane Norwood  Property Development Technician
  919-245-2616 Romina Khandani Plans Examiner
Building and Plumbing 919-245-2606 Robert Alcorn Chief Inspector/Commercial
  919-245-2622 Nicholas Perry Building Safety Official
  919-245-2620 Christopher Wiggins Building Safety Official
  919-245-2602 Mark Dunlap Building Safety Official
  919-245-2605 Keith Barnhouse Building Safety Offfical
  919-245-2615 Gregg Lassiter Building Safety Official
  919-245-2617 Greg Byrd Building Safety Official Trainee