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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has established its own homepage, and the Cooperating Technical Partner, The State of North Carolina has its own website.

Hurricane Preparedness Information

Local Flood Hazards - After a particularly severe hurricane or nor'easter has passed through the Piedmont region, we have experienced heavy flooding along our streams and rivers. Often debris becomes trapped under bridges and culverts. This blockage backs floodwaters up even more, often up to four feet or more deep. Over the past thirty years we have experienced six major hurricanes:

  • Diane in 1984
  • Gloria in 1985
  • Bertha in 1996
  • Fran in 1996
  • Bonnie in 1998
  • Floyd in 1999

Of these Fran was the worst with estimated flood levels somewhere between a 100- and a 500-year flood along several streams. Floods are dangerous. Even though they seem to be moving slowly, moving water as shallow as two feet can knock a grown man off his feet and float a car.

Property Subject to Flooding

If you live along or near the Eno River, the Little River, Morgan Creek or New Hope Creek, you may have experienced these high water times. To find out if your property is subject to flooding, please visit the County Interactive GIS Homepage.