Erosion Control / Stormwater

Collage of stream inspection activities


The Erosion Control Division: 

  • Enforces the Erosion Control and Stormwater portions of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)
  • Administers the Neuse Buffer Rules
  • Reviews erosion control plans
  • Issues plan approvals and permits
  • Inspects permitted sites
  • Investigates complaints and unauthorized land disturbances

Staff Contact

Name Contact Information
Steve Kaltenbach (Erosion Control Officer II) email / 919-245-2588
Kenneth Owens (Erosion Control Officer II) email / 919-245-2584
Nathan Jacobsen (Erosion Control Officer I) email / 919-245-2580
Christopher J. Sandt, P.E. (Staff Engineer) email / 919-245-2583
Patrick Mallett (Erosion Control and Stormwater Supervisor) email / 919-245-2577

Erosion Control, Stormwater & Engineering Staff Work Schedule - Click Here