Comprehensive Land Use

The Comprehensive Planning Division is responsible for the County's long range planning efforts including the administration and implementation of the Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan. This plan intends to guide the County's future growth and land use patterns in a manner that enhances and protects the economic, environmental, and human resources that characterize Orange County.


The Division also participates in the administration and implementation of other Comprehensive Plan Elements as required.

2030 Comprehensive Plan

View the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Transportation Planning

View information about transportation planning in Orange County.

A major component of the Land Use Element is the Future Land Use Map (PDF). The map illustrates land use categories (PDF) within the County including:

  • Activity nodes
  • Agricultural-residential uses
  • Economic development districts
  • Rural buffer
  • Transition areas

Support for Departments, Agencies & Committees

The Comprehensive Planning Division provides staff support to other departments, agencies, and committees within the County and the surrounding regions, including the following:

More Information

For more information, contact the Comprehensive Planning Division at 919-245-2575.