Multi-Unit Housing Recycling


Recycling cart sites are located at over 95% of multi-unit housing complexes (MUH) (apartments, town homes, and condominiums) in Carrboro, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, and are available to residents 24-hours a day, seven days per week for the collection of single-stream recycling.


Never leave plastic bags in the recycling carts. If recyclables are collected inside in a plastic bag, remove the recyclables from the bag prior to placing them in the carts and discard the bag elsewhere.

Do not leave Corrugated Cardboard in the blue recycling carts. Most multi-unit housing locations in Orange County have separate dumpster(s) for corrugated cardboard. If that is not available, residents can recycle corrugated cardboard at Drop-off Locations. Corrugated cardboard is banned from landfill disposal and must be recycled.

Single Stream Recycling

View a list of materials collected in Single Stream Recycling.