Rural Recycling Routes


Rural Recycling Routes

Below are the July 2022 - June 2023 rural route calendars.
Please follow the steps below to find your route number, (Route 1-10). 

Steps to Know your Recycling Route
1. Visit the Aries web page.
2. Type in your address.
3. In the orange menu on the left side of the screen click the Recycling & Drop-Off Locations tab.
4. At the top, left side of the screen your Route Info should display which route number you are on, 1 through 10.
5. Refer back to this page, locate your route, and note your recycling pickup dates, and day (every other week).

Rural recycling pickup is every other week.

For a copy of your Calendar Card email recycling or call us 919-968-2788 and we will send you one.
You may also print your own by clicking the link to your route below:

Route 1Route 2Route 3Route 4Route 5
Route 6Route 7Route 8Route 9Route 10